Welcome to Zoë Trust



To make a positive contribution to life in the community we serve, by providing a safe and caring environment.


  • to speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves (Proverbs 31:8-9);
  • to overcome all boundaries with love and truth;
  • to assist and serve the community in practical ways;
  • to live out a new attitude to life in the community.

Zoë Trust was named after Zoë

"I thought this is how it should be. I thought everybody had to go through it. That it is how it is. That it is normal. But it is abnormal. The Lord doesn’t want us to get hurt. As terrible as it is, you feel that it is your fault. It is as if you get used to it. You are shy and then afraid too. It's not nice to talk about such matters. You cry on the outside and on the inside and you wonder what other people will say.

Some days you wonder: Lord, why did this happen to me? It makes you feel half-human. If they rape you, they can just as well kill you. Just to think about it, gives you the shivers, it tears your heart out. Some people think that I'm crazy, because I talk to myself. Even though they cannot save me, there are other children that can be saved."

Zoë – 28 August 2008